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Permanency Enhancement Project

The Northern Region Permanency Enhancement Project (PEP) is part of a collaborative effort between Northern Illinois (NIU) and Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) to improve permanency outcomes and address racial and ethnic disparities in the northern region of the state. Permanency outcomes include preserving families, increasing rates of family reunification, improving stability of adoption and guardianship, and reducing racial/ethnic disparity in treatment and outcomes.

This project also has a statewide agenda accomplished in partnership with Illinois State University (ISU), Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville (SIU-E) and the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC).

PEP has provided over ten years of service that contributes to solutions of social, economic and societal problems in the northern region of the state, increases NIU's number of strategic partnerships and collaborative initiatives and restores hope to members of local communities.

For more information about the Center for Child Welfare and Education, contact:

NIU Center for Child Welfare and Education
Monat Building
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