These are testimonials taken from comments on the client satisfaction survey.

This EAP staff member's expertise, professionalism and passion for education is unmatched. She really went the extra mile by showing support, providing additional resources and advocating for the best educational accommodations for my children. Without her, my family would be still fighting to get our children's educational needs met.


All of the EAP professionals on my cases that I have dealt with over the years have been/are extremely helpful, very dedicated professionals, who really know their job by heart, respond and solve any issues ASAP, without any hesitation, and have shown that their main concern is to provide with promptness all of the educational benefits that our wards are entitled to. Besides, they have gone above and beyond, with incredible promptness, for my clients, call or email them, in the event that they have any questions/concerns.

Child welfare caseworker

The EAP Staff member is AMAZING! I was having a difficult time with a school district that was refusing to release records on a DCFS student to my district (this had been going on for the past 3 weeks). She was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and had everything straightened out within a few hours. I cannot thank her enough.

School personnel

All of the disciplines that we must engage in child welfare have different languages and rules. It is always helpful to know where to find a guide and an advocate!

DCFS Clinical

The EAP Staff member is a strong advocate for getting the educational needs of our youth in care met. She is passionate about her job and goes the 'extra mile' to insure that our youth get the services they so desperately need. Her resourcefulness is an asset, as she has developed relationships with school personnel that have helped facilitate achieving the established goals for our children.

DCFS Staff

She went above and beyond her duty to make certain that my foster son was enrolled in summer school.


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Education Access Project Service Feedback Survey

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