The Center for Child Welfare and Education (CCWE) is an Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) center at NIU that aims to produce greater equity in society by facilitating engagement between the university, state government, community and families. 

CCWE advances better trajectories for vulnerable populations in Illinois by developing policies and connecting residents with services designed to foster educational success and stable family structures. It provides a vehicle for collaboration, in which youth, families, caregivers, schools, communities and government agencies can participate to ensure a better future for the present and coming generation.

Furthermore, CCWE educates professionals to support continuing development for educators and social workers to improve their competence in delivering quality equitable services to vulnerable populations. The center also provides data and information that reveal the realities of the system to build capacity for vulnerable youth and families to access equitable opportunities to succeed.

CCWE’s work promises to improve the wellbeing and outcomes of families who are vulnerable while ensuring personal growth and strong foundations for our diverse communities.

For more information about the Center for Child Welfare and Education, contact:

NIU Center for Child Welfare and Education
Monat Building
148 N Third Street,
DeKalb, IL 60115-2828
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