Educational Access Project

Youth in foster care deserve equity in education services and outcomes. The Educational Access Project (EAP) is committed to building capacity for all youth in care to receive an education that is at least equitable to their peers who are not associated with foster care.

Since 1997, EAP has been promoting educational wellbeing for youth in foster care in Illinois. EAP staff provide solutions to education problems that youth in care encounter, train professionals and caregivers to enhance their competence in addressing youth’s educational needs, and forge collaborations to improve the system and the services.

EAP’s work continues to:

  • Eliminate barriers that prohibit educational access.
  • Forge partnerships with community entities that influence the youth’s education to address educational inequity.
  • Build open and honest relationships through communication with students, foster care agencies, community providers, and schools.
  • Maintain a network of professionals that advocate for improved and equitable educational change.
  • Deliver effective services guided by expert knowledge, evidence based practices and understanding.

EAP’s practice honors the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child;” we work together to affirm and celebrate the individuality of each child and diversity of our communities.

For more information about the Center for Child Welfare and Education, contact:

NIU Center for Child Welfare and Education
Monat Building
148 N Third Street,
DeKalb, IL 60115-2828

Education Access Project Service Feedback Survey

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